Need a Shopify Store, we can help!
Launch a Shopify Store and Sell Personalized Gifts


With hundreds of thousands of stores on the Shopify platorm, there's no doubt that if you are interested in opening on online store, Shopify is the perfect place to start.  Click here to set-up your online store and within minutes (yes, minutes) you can have a store set-up and then add over 10,000 personalized products instantly to your store by adding the PersonalizationPop App.

Hire a Shopify Designer / Developer


Not a DIYer? We get it!  If you'd prefer to have a professional design and develop your new Shopify store, then we highly recommend SKU Agency. Tell'm we sent you! Once your store is set-up, circle back and add the Personalized Gifts by JDS to your store so you can start making some $$$. 

Get the best Email Marketing Platform


Did you think we were going to mention MailChimp here? Nope!  We are huge fans of Klaviyo. These guys have built a great email marketing platform complete with great templates, automation and segmentation so you can start making money.  


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